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Curricular and Extracurricular Music Classes.

Music is a powerful tool for the academic and personal development of students. At our music school, we offer both curricular and extracurricular classes to help students develop musical and creative skills. In this article, we will explore the importance of both types of classes and how they can benefit students and education in general. […]

The Importance of Music Education in Childhood

Childhood music education is an essential tool for the cognitive and emotional development of children. Through music, children can improve their ability to concentrate, develop social and emotional skills, and improve their ability to express themselves and communicate. Childhood music education can be imparted through activities such as singing, playing instruments, dancing, and listening to […]

How to Look After Your Musical Instrument

When we buy a musical instrument, we should understand that it is a rare and special object which needs to be carefully treated and looked after. Many instruments are handcrafted and of a high quality that can be used and appreciated for many years if we learn to care for them correctly. In today’s post […]