How to Look After Your Musical Instrument

When we buy a musical instrument, we should understand that…

Do you like music

You like music and you would like to learn to play an instrument, but you are invaded by doubts and insecurity...

The Importance of Using Qualified Music Teachers in Schools

Many studies have proven that learning music stimulates both creativity and imagination in children. It helps them socialise, increase their self-esteem, concentrate more, and focus their attention.

The Origins of Solfeggio and the Importance of Musical Language.

Studying music can be such a rewarding activity! It’s so much more than just a science. Although it’s true that there is a whole host of theoretical knowledge behind it, there is also art and feeling.

The Structure And Parts Of A Piano

In every country of the world, buying a piano is considered a symbol of class and elegance.

Music – A Universal Language.

Without a doubt, musical language has no boundaries and everybody is capable of understanding and feeling it.