Choosing a battery, can be a difficult task, so we tell you some tips to keep in mind for those who want to get one. We will try to answer questions such as: How to choose it? What is important? How much do I spend?

The first thing to think about is the type of battery. Acoustic or electric.

The acoustics

They are the batteries we all know, the usual ones. In favor they have their great sound capacity and against we can say that it is an instrument that occupy enough space, make a lot of noise and require more maintenance. Although it is true that it is everyone’s favorite.


With the electric drum kit you save space and noise, allowing you to play in your own home without disturbing. In addition, an electronic pad requires much less maintenance and allows you to easily record yourself and even change the sound of your drums.

So if you don’t have any inconvenience to have an acoustic drum set, it is the most recommendable and ideal.



However, acoustic drums come at a price and a starter kit should not cost less than 300 €. We must also know that the kits usually come incomplete. So you have to pay attention when buying it. Normally the basic set we buy consists of all the drums, i.e. bass drum, snare drum, toms, hi-hat, bass drum pedal, snare stand and two cymbal stands. To this should be added at least a saddle and covers for when we transport it.

If we are talking about an electronic drum kit, prices can vary. We can find from 400 € which would be a low range, up to 1000 €, where would be the high-end. For a beginner, a budget of 600 to 700 € is ideal to get started on the drums. For this type we must take into account:

  • Sound module: in which we will connect headphones or an amplifier.
  • Hihat: make it a realistic sounding cymbal and not just a square pad.
  • Bass drum and pedal: Which must have a real mechanism to hit a real bass drum pad.
  • Materials used: mesh leather is best for the case for a better feel.


  • Define, specify how much money we can or want to spend.
  • What do we really need? Depending on the style of music we make, we will need the right drum kit to give us the right sound.
  • Which brand is better? The best thing to do is to get expert advice if you are not sure what to choose.
  • Choose the right material. Both hardware and patches.
  • The size of the pieces.
  • Second hand material. It can be suitable for beginners.

Finally, the only thing left to do is to find a good teacher. Contact us and your child will learn to play in a simple and fun way, following the patterns of conservatories for preparation for the Trinity College certificate or ABRMS.

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