Scientists have found that from 20-25 weeks of pregnancy, babies develop the ability to hear. Therefore, they will receive stimuli from the outside world and react to them. In this post we are going to analyze the benefits of classical music during pregnancy.

What kind of music is best?

Years of study have shown that classical music is best during pregnancy, especially baroque music, especially the high-pitched harmonic sounds of Vivaldi or Mozart, which soothe and relax the baby.

This type of music stimulates new connections of neurons in the brain of babies, because they are rich in symmetries and recurrent patterns that manage to develop both the right and left hemispheres, completing their functions.

In addition, the rhythms and melodies of this type of music stimulate creativity and the areas of the brain specialized in promoting motivation.


What are the benefits for the fetus?

Music stimulates the heart rate in the fetus, in addition to triggering vibratory resonances that activate millions of brain cells, promoting brain development.

Music also produces the generation of endorphins, both mother and baby, so that both will have a broad sense of wellbeing and relaxation that will help them feel better.

Of all these benefits, it has been estimated that babies who listen to music during pregnancy will be calmer and cry less when they are born.

Music to avoid

The essential recommendation is to avoid topics that are loud and have discordant notes. High-intensity sounds, such as screaming and loud music drumbeats, can cause tachycardia and discomfort to the baby’s nervous system.

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