Who doesn’t remember a song from their favorite movie? Who hasn’t been marked by a soundtrack?

Ghost, Titanic, Love Story, Jaws or Psycho. When naming these well-known movie titles, their main musical themes automatically come to mind.

Since the beginning of cinema, music has played a very special and important role in the film.

Already in silent films, music was essential to express the feelings of a character. This is one of the main purposes of the soundtrack of a film: to convey emotions, and emotionally involve the viewer.

But music in film not only conveys what the character feels, his character, and his personality; music can also influence the feelings and emotions that the viewer experiences throughout the film.

Among the multiple functions of music in cinema, we highlight the main ones:

  • Set a story in a certain time and place. The music is usually in keeping with the period and location in which the scenes take place.
  • Contribute to the development of the psychological element in the characters. In addition to telling us how they feel, music can help us get to know the characters’ personalities.
  • Serve as a background for the dialogues and give them emotion. Music can also replace unnecessary dialogue. For example, in love scenes, when the two protagonists meet and begin to have a conversation, often the only thing we hear is the music.
  • Unite scenes that without the music would be difficult to connect. Make some scenes clearer and more accessible. The music helps the viewer get exactly the idea the director has for that scene.

Emotionally involve the viewer. Music can influence the feelings and emotions that the viewer experiences throughout the film. For example, anticipating a situation, as in the famous shower scene in the movie “Psycho” in which the music makes us feel the approaching danger.

One of the most relevant composers in the history of cinema, Mr. Bernard Herrmann, he said:

“The music must replace what the actors can’t say, it can give an idea of their feelings,

and must provide what words cannot express”.

What is your favourite soundtrack? Which movie song do you like the most?

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