Music and discipline

Music and discipline in children

The benefits of music in people are indisputable and well known, and if we talk about children then the advantages increase. Learning music greatly benefits the development of children and, specifically, music lessons and discipline are closely related.

There are a wide variety of educational activities that children can do outside of school to enhance their development, learning and education. We focus on music, and one of its benefits, as it is not just about learning an instrument. Music lessons and the discipline they involve, improve the children’s abilities in many aspects.

The importance of discipline

Learning to play an instrument requires a very important and beneficial discipline for the education of children. The children have to follow the instructions of the music teacher during the lessons, but at the same time they have to make an effort to have a rhythm of work, to practice regularly and to achieve the objectives set by the teacher.

All this together with their own enjoyment of the classes and the music, so acquiring the necessary discipline will be easier for them than with any other method.

In our teaching method we use school diaries where our teachers write down the student’s progress, and the tasks and exercises they have to practice during the week. With these activities the children get a good lesson in discipline.

Discipline is an added value to the classes that will teach them to develop their social skills and improve their behaviour:

  • Organize your time
  • Solve in a practical way the challenges they may face in life.
  • Accept criticism because learning is not easy.
  • Increase patience

Learning an instrument takes time and effort, so music lessons will be a great example for the children and they will learn from experience that it takes work to succeed.

In this way, music classes and discipline go hand in hand when it comes to teaching children the passion for music and the values it entails.

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