Girl learning to play the piano in private lessons on the Costa del Sol

The methodology used in piano teaching is adapted to the needs and abilities of each student, based on the official programs, our teachers find the balance between fun, technique of the instrument and musical language. Learning is progressive, and with a little study on the part of the students, results can be seen in a short time. Students play classical and modern repertoire, and we use educational apps on the iPad to encourage fun and learning.

Piano lessons are aimed at students of all ages, including those with special needs. We offer an effective, fast and fun way to learn to play the piano.

Piano lessons for all ages

Classes for beginners

Age: most children between 4 and 8 years old.
Duration: usually 30 minutes

We recommend that your child begin learning to play the piano in this age range.


  • Your teacher will use a variety of games to engage the student’s attention along with a series of piano books to develop their musical skills.
  • We will develop musical skills:
  • Note recognition
  • Rhythm recognition
  • With a variety of games we present the new musical concepts
  • Learn to play easy-medium difficulty pieces

Practice: start with 5 minutes every day or even every week. We want to make sure that we don’t force them to play the piano but that it is like a game, the students must get used to the habit and for that it takes time, give them time for it to become a habit.

Beginner/intermediate piano lessons for students (8+) and adults
Lesson duration: lessons are generally 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the age of the student.


  • Learn to read music
  • Learn how to compose and write a piece of music
  • Learn to improvise
  • Study musical styles
  • Learn to play a short piece, usually songs or pieces that the student is interested in learning because he/she likes it a lot.
  • About Major and Minor Piano Scales and Chords

Practice: We teach students what they would like to learn so that they have more motivation to sit down and study on their own.

Advanced level classes

Classes for children and adults of intermediate or advanced level.
Duration: 60 minutes

These lessons are aimed at people who have a good understanding of chords, scales and piano notation and have been playing the piano for quite some time.


  • How to write and notate longer piano compositions
  • In-depth musical styles such as baroque, classical, jazz, flamenco, impressionist, romantic…
  • Major and minor scales and major chord development
  • Techniques in detail and also about the structure of piano music
  • Work towards obtaining the Trinity College examination (ABRSM) to develop as a pianist.

The ABRSM or Trinity College is compulsory for any student wishing to obtain any advanced qualification in Music. We prepare our students for the certificate

  1. Develop a reasonable understanding of music when composing or analyzing;
  2. Begin to recognize the basic concepts of interpretation: dynamics, balance, tempo…
  3. Work on the skills to begin to deal reasonably with complex musical passages.

ABRSM curricula We have a 100% pass rate on these.

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