The repertoire in which we work can range from music that we traditionally call Classical (baroque, romantic, renaissance, contemporary) to blues, jazz and flamenco.
Singing lessons will be supported by piano training as part of the developmental exercises at home.

We teach both beginners and singers preparing for auditions or exams, even people who sing for fun.

The pieces/songs will be chosen from a selection of prepared works to suit each student’s preferences and technical abilities.
In our individual lessons the singing teacher is similar to a coach in an elite sport, working to establish optimal vocal efficiency, while ensuring that each student improves their sound and unique style.


  • Interpret pieces that we love.
  • Increase range and power.
  • Avoid injury to our vocal cords.
  • Warm-up routines.
  • Strengthen the muscles involved with the voice and coordinate them with exercises.
  • Work on the expressive side of the pieces.
  • Adapt our body language to each dramatic circumstance.
  • Specific and effective vocal techniques.
  • Innovative musical exercises.
  • Problem-solving work on the repertoire chosen by the students.

Singing is one of the best ways to learn music and have fun, it is also a great way for students to improve self-confidence, develop new skills and feel motivated for continuous improvement.

The ABRSM or Trinity College is compulsory for any student wishing to obtain any advanced qualification in Music. We prepare our students for the certificate

  1. Develop a reasonable understanding of music when composing or analyzing;
  2. Begin to recognize the basic concepts of interpretation: dynamics, balance, tempo…
  3. Work on the skills to begin to deal reasonably with complex musical passages.

ABRSM curricula We have a 100% pass rate on these.

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