We offer a music program for schools in Malaga, Marbella and the Costa del Sol designed to enrich their educational offerings and achieve greater prestige.
The students will be excited on the day of their concert, the parents proud of their children’s talent and grateful for offering them this opportunity.
Presentation concert: At the beginning of the school year the teachers offer a didactic concert in which students and parents can attend and have a first contact with the Royal School of Music.
Casting, organization of students and timetables: At the beginning of the course there will be a level test to organize the students by age and level.

1. Subjects:

Instrumental class: Piano, guitar, percussion, modern singing, violin, cello and double bass, as well as wind instruments.
Complementary classes: musical language, rock ensemble, chamber music and choir.
We recommend complementing the instrumental class with musical language.

Teacher in guitar classes in a school


2. Faculty:
Our teachers are qualified musicians with experience in music classes for schools, artists with pedagogical training so learning will never be so easy.
Motivation, fun and discipline guarantee the successful learning of an instrument and encourage a passion for music. We teach in different languages (Spanish, French, German, English and French).

Guitar teacher giving lessons to children

Didactic material:

During the course the students will learn with the methods proposed in the current programs of the conservatories of Andalusia.
Photocopies of additional sheet music will also be provided.
It is necessary that the student has the instrument and if he/she does not have it, we facilitate the obtaining of it.

4. Concerts:

Annually, public and/or private concerts will be organized in the centre, where the students will be able to perform the pieces studied in the course. It is not only a part of the program but a very important moment for the student where he/she will be able to transmit the best of him/herself to the public.

5. Duration:

Instrumental class:
– Group of 2 students 30 minutes
– Group of 3 students 45 minutes
Complementary classes: Choir, musical language, rock group, chamber music.
It has a duration of 60 minutes

If your school wants to offer quality music classes with the best teachers you can contact us without any obligation.

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