Musical language is to music as grammar is to language.
It is a field of study that has as its object the investigation of the various
elements of music, including the development and methodology to analyze,
listening to, understanding and composing music.
Teachers adapt their pedagogy to the different abilities and knowledge of the students.
our student body is the key to success at the Royal School of Music.
The more we understand what’s behind all those notes, or what makes a
good melodic line, what are the rules of harmony… the more confident we play the
piece and we feel confident in interpreting it.
The ABRSM or Trinity College is compulsory for any student who wishes to
obtain any advanced Music qualification. We prepare our
students for the certificate
1) Develop a reasonable understanding of music when composing or analyzing;
2) begin to recognize the basic concepts of interpretation: dynamics,
balance, tempo…
3) Work on the skills to begin to deal reasonably with passages.
complex music.
ABRSM’s curricula We have a 100% pass rate in
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