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2nd RSM Online INTENSIVE Classes

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Now you have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument at the exclusive RSM music school, without leaving your home and from anywhere in the world.

With RSM Online, adults and children can be taught at a higher level of music education via Facetime, Zoom or Skype.

We make use of technological development, receiving your classes with high quality live online connection.

If for reasons of schedules, work, travel, you live in another city or country or simply prefer online classes, RSM is your best option.

For all levels and ages

Beginners who want to make the most of their time and reach their maximum capacities with guarantee.

Intermediate level musicians looking to develop their potential, learn correct technique on the instrument and in the studio.

⇒ Advanced musicians who need to improve and take their knowledge to higher levels, achieving musical excellence


♥ Online piano lessons

♥ Online singing lessons

♥ Online guitar lessons

♥ Online percussion lessons

♥ Online violin lessons

♥ Musical language classes online

(For other instruments, please contact us for availability)

1st Individual Online RSM Classes

RSM Online One-to-One classes are without a doubt the most efficient way for adults or children to progress quickly.

Thanks to the remarkable experience that our RSM team has in the field of education, we will be able to adapt to your specific needs and wishes, regardless of your abilities.

We are proud to be able to to offer a higher level musical education, in which the student’s motivation will be the main factor to achieve the objectives. Whether you are interested in studying classical, jazz or popRSM equipment is extremely flexible and knows how to adapt to design the course and help you improve in the right direction.

You can contact us without any obligation.

2nd Intensive Online RSM Classes

Learn to play the instrument in a short period of time.

RSM Online Intensive classes are designed specifically for people who want to progress quickly in a short periodof time.

An intensive course has 3 to 7 lessons per week, the teacher will help you daily to study and learn the necessary knowledge to play the instrument in a short time. We prepare you for musical success, we adapt to your needs, goals and musical style, such as classical, jazz, pop…

Once you have completed the intensive course you can continue with individual online classes, group classes or face-to-face classes and you will continue to make progress.

You can contact us without any obligation.

3rd Shared Online RSM Classes

RSM Online Shared lessons are designed specifically for adults and children, who want to learn to play an instrument together with a friend or partner, it is a very effective way to get started.

It’s a wonderful way to share knowledge with like-minded people, as well as having teachers in common, you will share the price of your classes, you will be in a fun-filled social environment and you will be part of the RSM community.

Your tutor will guide you in a kind and patient way, you will learn how to read notes correctly, teach you to play scales and beautiful classical and modern pieces, you will also learn how to build chords if your instrument is polyphonic and even compose your own music, you will learn the basics of improvisation and how to play in a group.


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