RSM Home Sharing Classes

RSM Shared Private Lessons at Home are designed specifically for adults and children, who want to learn to play an instrument together with a friend or partner, it is a very effective and fun method.

It’s a wonderful way to share knowledge with like-minded people, as well as having teachers in common, you will share the price of your classes, you will be in a fun-filled social environment and you will be part of the RSM community.

RSM always bets for a quality education, we combine the methods of instrument and musical language with the favorite songs of our students and app on iPad and tablet, this guarantees a professional and exciting learning for the student.

  • The teacher will guide you in a kind and patient way.
  • You will learn to read notes correctly.
  • He will teach you how to play scales and beautiful classical and modern pieces.
  • You will learn to build chords if your instrument is polyphonic and even compose your own music.
  • You will learn the basics of improvisation and how to play in a group.

If you want access to a music school with premium in-home lessons at an affordable price, RSM Home Sharing is your best option.

Advantages of shared RSM classes at the Royal School of Music:

  • Resolution of common doubts. The doubt of one of the companions can also clarify that of the others.
  • It’s more rewarding. People are social animals, we need to share our experiences and successes with others.
  • Common learning dynamics, more points of view and ideas. The dynamism in group classes is greater. Students are in classes with similar goals, making learning fun and enjoyable. The teacher will set the pace and guidelines for the activities. All this facilitates and enhances learning. In addition, group work encourages the creativity of each student. This allows doubts to be approached from other points of view, which helps to find better results.
  • Increased motivation. By being in a similar study environment, a favourable motivational atmosphere is created where fears and embarrassment are lost, and students’ self-esteem is nurtured. Groups are more likely to accept challenges and strive to improve results.
  • Personal progress. The group class favors the growth of the students, as it teaches you to see what you bring to the group, this helps you to know yourself better and you can grow and develop.
  • Group classes will always be cheaper than individual classes, for obvious reasons.

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