Knowing the Pentagram

The staff is formed by 5 horizontal lines, forming 4 spaces between them. The musical notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) and the different musical signs can be placed either above the lines themselves or in or near the spaces. The function of the staff...

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Music and cinema

Who doesn’t remember a song from their favorite movie? Who hasn’t been marked by a soundtrack? Ghost, Titanic, Love Story, Jaws or Psycho. When naming these well-known movie titles, their main musical themes automatically come to...

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Music helps us to study

Music helps us to study, among other things, that premise so much discussed by parents when they see their children put on headphones or speakers while they say they are studying. Of course, not just any kind of music will do. Repetitive rhythms...

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Why train in music?

Training in music has a multitude of positive effects on your daily life, on your cognitive, creative, intellectual and even psychological development. It has even been shown that music stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain. This is in...

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