Violin Teacher

Darío Pereiro

  • The main objective in the teaching method that I have developed is to achieve a good learning of the instrument together with the enjoyment of this process by the student. To do this we use a colloquial language, close, understandable, fun. Likewise, we adapt the study materials to adapt them to maintain a high motivation in the students, listening to their tastes and needs.
  • The way of teaching the violin is a process that is directed to the achievement of some habits of relaxation at the time of playing that favor the learning and the achievement of producing a good sound and a natural technique. Often the students I receive for the first time come with postural and movement vices that we work on in order to achieve a way of playing the violin that is more favourable for the student. Offering multiple analogies of the movements we make when playing with those we make in our daily lives is a constant in my methodology. In this way I help the students to understand that to play the violin it is essential to use natural movements and postures that do not hinder the playing, which allows for greater learning and a higher level of interpretative maturity.


  • LRAM Teaching qualification Degree in violin from the University of London and the Royal Academy of Music in London.

  • Master of Arts, violin, Royal Academy of Music, London. Graduation with Distinction.

  • Research course of the Doctorate in educational research and innovation.

  • Master’s degree in secondary education (E.S.O.), baccalaureate and vocational training.

  • Superior Degree in Music, Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga.

Luisa Flores

Mi hijo da clases de Piano y Guitarra desde el año pasado. Le encantan sus profesores y puedo decir que se preocupan por mi hijo, es una escuela maravillosa, la recomiendo mucho

Luisa Flores / madre
Diana Jones

The school has everything that children need for successful study: textbooks, daily assignments, planner, notebooks, music sheets, a staff who are very nice and kind, and ready to help at any time.

Diana Jones / parent
Mari Carmen Gómez

Muy contenta con las clases, hace que el aprendizaje sea divertido y fomenta la pasión por la música. He avanzado mucho desde que estoy en Royal School of Music. Bajo mi experiencia, sin duda la Mejor Escuela

Mari Carmen Gómez / alumna
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