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If you are looking for private violin lessons, this is the place for you! The violin is the small star instrument of the orchestra, a very complete instrument that involves the auditory and musical development of the student. Unlike other instruments the note produced on the violin has to be tuned by the player. From the beginning the teachers point out the position of each of the notes and later the students automate each of them guided by ear.

With violin lessons at home, you will learn in the best way to build your foundation and develop your skills.

The methodology is adapted in order to intersperse works of classical repertoire of the instrument with others that are oriented to motivate students such as pieces, songs, film soundtracks, Disney songs… Students combine classical and modern repertoire, and we use educational apps on the iPad to encourage fun and learning.


Through the songs they will learn the different techniques of the bow, such as Staccato, Legato, Spiccato…

  • Left hand techniques, the vibrato technique that mimics the human voice
  • Learn to read violin scores
  • Violin positions
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • All about ropes

Learning the instrument allows him to play with other students to foster a sense of group.

Learning the instrument will allow you to play with other students, as soon as you are able to play a melody on your own, the teacher will introduce accompaniments with other students to encourage the sense of group, which begins the wonderful path to Chamber Music, and you will also get to play different voices in duos, trios, quartets…

An adult has a greater understanding, which will facilitate a quick process, as long as he/she has a regular and methodical discipline at home. Learning to play the violin is a very satisfying adventure.

You will be able to transmit everything you have learned in the course to the public in our final concerts.

The ABRSM or Trinity College is compulsory for any student wishing to obtain any advanced qualification in Music. We prepare our students for the certificate

  1. Develop a reasonable understanding of music when composing or analyzing;
  2. Begin to recognize the basic concepts of interpretation: dynamics, balance, tempo…
  3. Work on the skills to begin to deal reasonably with complex musical passages.

ABRSM curricula We have a 100% pass rate on these.

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