Individual music lessons are very beneficial as they give you the opportunity to improve at a faster pace. But lompartnered music lessons give you the opportunity to share the musical experience. Humans thrive in social situations and love to build friendships on common interests. This is especially true after these months of confinement, isolation and social distancing. There is a great sense of accomplishment gained from working with others. Inspire and motivate each other. Collaborative learning often gives students the confidence to share their doubts and resolve them together – building social and teamwork skills as well as musical skills.

We are very familiar with the need and want to join football or basketball teams, then, why should music be any different? However, while team sports are often limited to children of similar ages and strengths, a music lesson can be adapted to different abilities. This often allows family members to work together with younger or older siblings, enjoying the opportunity to bond. Even parents sometimes enjoy the opportunity to participate. Starting a journey to learn the guitar or piano together, for example, can be a fantastic experience. Shared classes also mean that students can experience the game as a whole. And a good group, could one day become a rock band!

Royal School of Music encourages creativity and we seek to build confidence in and out of the music lesson. For more information on how to share a music lesson with the Royal School of Music, call + 34 611 481 662

Royal School of Music offers individual, shared and online music lessons for the following instruments:
– Piano – Guitar – Percussion – Percussion – Modern Singing – Violin – Cello – Double Bass – Wind Instruments

Contact us, Contact us for pricing and more information about our premium, shared or online music.

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