Training in music has a multitude of positive effects on your daily life, on your cognitive, creative, intellectual and even psychological development. It has even been shown that music stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain. This is in charge of learning language, numbers and the use of logic.

Learning music helps socialization and fosters collaboration, critical spirit and respect when doing collective activities. »

Music awakens in people, motivation, voluntary commitment, persistence and discipline.


Benefits for training in music
  • Improves attention and concentration: one of the main advantages of music is that it stimulates areas of the brain that are not usually stimulated by other means.
  • Promotes memory and creativity: during musical training, visual, muscular, gestural and auditory memory is also stimulated, which allows recent and old memories to be fixed.
  • Increased development of motor skills: when you begin to stimulate motor skills in children through a musical instrument. It greatly improves the coordination ability of this.
  • Increases self-esteem: this practice is an excellent alternative to stimulate self-confidence, so it gives us the opportunity to socialize with other people.
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