Choosing a Music Teacher
Deciding to learn a new instrument is exciting! Who doesn’t love the idea of bringing music into their own lives, the lives of their family and friends? Now, the important next step is deciding upon the right way to learn. Which means, choosing a music teacher.
Your teacher will define your path. It is your teacher who will encourage and drive your learning.
Equally, if badly chosen, your teacher’s inability can deter you.
So how do you find a reputable and talented music teacher?
Here are some tips.

1. Ask around. Friends and acquaintances are always happy to give honest feedback on their experiences with music teachers in your area. Remember that it’s not always about price. A more qualified teacher may cost more, but they also bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that could help you to progress quickly – therefore bringing more enjoyment and pride in your abilities. Ask the length of the class and if the teacher is supportive within and outside of the class. Are the classes private, or held in large
groups? What languages do they speak? And, are they fun!
2. Speak to the teacher. Lesson methods should be adapted to your ability and style. You also need to like your teacher if you’re going to progress together. So don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and get a good sense of what to expect before making a commitment. Do they have examples of their students’ accomplishments or classes?
What is the learning curriculum and the objectives? The expectations? How long have they been teaching?
3. Confirm the teacher’s qualifications. If your teacher isn’t properly qualified, you may find that you quickly outgrow them and are then left searching for a new teacher all over again. A highly experienced and qualified teacher will not only inspire you with their breadth of knowledge, but will also be able to nurture your musical journey to secure the Trinity College or ABRMS certificates.
4. Confirm lesson availability and location. At the Royal School of Music, we believe that the most effective lessons are held in your own home. This is where you are comfortable. And this is where you will practise. We work around you and your family life.

Víctor Manuel Ryan Domingo

About Royal School of Music
The Royal School of Music provides highly qualified and talented musicians and music teachers, who take great joy in sharing their discipline with students across the Costa del Sol and further afield.
Royal School of Music is owned and managed by Victor Ryan. Victor has been passionate about music since 8 years of age. He is a graduate in piano from the Malaga Higher Conservatory of Music and he spent 18 months in Trossingen Higher Conservatory of Music (Germany) with the professor and rector Peter Nelson. He remained in Germany, performing and teaching piano at the Jungend Muikschule Conservatory in Hechingen and as a pedagogue in the Hänselehof Clinic in Bad-Dürrheim.

Royal School of Music provides in-person and online music lessons for the following instruments:

· Piano · Guitar · Percussion · Modern singing · Violin · Cello · Double bass · Wind instruments

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