How music can help to ease anxiety
The restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic were only supposed to last a number of weeks. But as we edge ever closer to the one year mark, we all look for ways to deal with the numerous ramifications that include higher levels of stress – especially when many of our previous activities are frequently interrupted or have ceased to exist.
We are pleased to say that The Royal School of Music, based in Marbella, was able to continue providing music lessons throughout lockdown and afterwards. Music has many proven physical and emotional stress-relieving benefits and so, we have found a great increase in classes.

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Music helps us to disconnect from the demands of everyday life. Victor Ryan of The Royal School of Music says “Classical piano playing seems to have the most profoundly relaxing effect. But even the enjoyment obtained from our upbeat classes has resulted in a more positive mindset. Many of our clients have said how grateful they are that our online lessons have worked so well. In fact, children’s parents were envious of theand ended up booking their own lessons.
Scientists suggest that 45 minutes of music is a good amount of time to aid sleeping. It’s important that you like the music being played, but of course, our lessons are always adapted to the specific preferences of the player. Music has a way of allowing us to express our emotions, when words fail – again, another way to release pent-up frustrations in such stressful times.

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The consistency of our classes throughout this year has meant that our students have been able to continue advancing their musical skills. When teachers were unable to come to the students’ homes (as was expected, before the pandemic) they simply met at the same time via zoom. Some students have even found that they prefer the online lessons and have continued with this format.

Royal School of Music provides in-person and online music lessons for the following instruments:

· Piano · Guitar · Percussion · Modern singing · Violin · Cello · Double bass · Wind instruments

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