«La Semilla E.V.»

The Royal School of Music supports La Semilla E.V. with online music lessons.

La Semilla E.V. is a non-profit association formed by young entrepreneurs motivated to help children and adolescents living in poverty in Guayaquil, Mount Sinai (Ecuador).

The association was created in Germany in 2014, following a visit from Aline Schreijäg de Ortiz. During this trip, she met her husband, Luis Ortiz, and spent time observing the difficulties of the country. Upon returning she felt the need to help these communities who are struggling to survive such difficult circumstances, subsequently founding «La Seed E.V.».

«La Seed E.V.» focuses on offering children the opportunity to obtain an education, as well as instilling core values and offering resources, materials and food when needed. The association has also built an educational institution from locally sourced cane materials. This basic infrastructure is now in use and is adding value to the community, but continued improvements and further opportunities are essential to sustain the wellbeing of this region.

The Royal School of Music believes that music is a basic pillar of education that provides enjoyment, builds self-esteem and develops skills. Without a doubt, it can become a profession.

Why does RSM support “La Semilla E.V”?

“La Semilla E.V” helps children to have a better future. Royal School of Music’s director Víctor Ryan and Sandra Gómez are founding members of the non-profit association, along with Aline Schreijäg, Luis Ortiz, Annabelle Schreijäg, Siglinde Schreijäg and Pascal Dannecker.

  • Donations collected through the Royal School of Music will be used for musical training and the necessary resources for the improvement in the education of these children.

On Facebook you can see where your contribution is going. We even make video calls to contact John Ortiz (Luis’s brother) who is the person charged with the day-to-day running of the association in Ecuador


For more detailed information on “La Semilla e.V”, please contact info@vereinlasemilla.org
If you would like to contribute towards the wellbeing of these underprivileged communities in the Ecuadorian region of Guayaquil, Mount Sinai, please contact us today. info@royalschoolofmusic.com or directly info@vereinlasemilla.org
Or make a bank to transfer to:

Kontoinhaber: La Semilla e.V.

IBAN: DE58 69450065 0151037283

Sparkasse Schwarzwald-Baar

Enlace web: https://www.vereinlasemilla.org/

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