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Online RSM lessons

Now you have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument at the exclusive Royal School of Music, without leaving your home and from anywhere in the world.

Online Classes with the Royal School of Music can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Choose from:

With Royal School of Music Online, adults and children can access premium standard music teaching through Facetime, Zoom or Skype.
These lessons are perfect for anyone with a busy schedule or complicated work or family commitments – you can travel to anywhere in the world and still confidently connect to your music lesson every week. Of course, these lessons can also be reliably provided in spite of any COVID-19 restrictions.
This style of lesson is suitable for all levels and ages: Beginners, intermediate and advanced. Learn correct instrument technique, enjoy your developing musicality and advance to musical excellence.

Royal School of Music Online classes are currently available for the following instruments:
. Online piano lessons
. Online singing classes
. Online guitar lessons
. Online percussion lessons
. Online violin lessons
. Online music language classes
(For other instruments, contact us for availability)

Online Individual Royal School of Music Classes

Online Individual Royal School of Music classes are undoubtedly the most efficient way for adults or children to progress quickly.
Thanks to the remarkable experience that our Royal School of Music team has in the field of musical education, we are able to adapt to your specific needs and preferences – fine-tuning classes to your personal, developing abilities.We are proud to be able to offer a superior musical education. We look to motivate our students to ensure that they achieve personal objectives within an efficient timeframe, whilst thoroughly enjoying the learning experience. Whether you are interested in studying classical, jazz or pop music, the Royal School of Music team is extremely adaptable, skillfully adjusting the course content to individual needs, maintaining a steady rate of improvement

You can contact us without any obligation.

Intensive Online Royal School of Music Classes

Learn to play your musical instrument in a short period of time. Only Royal School of Music teachers are sufficiently qualified to empower and motivate
students with this accelerated learning programme.
Intensive Online Royal School of Music classes are specifically designed for people who
want to make quick, efficient progress.
An intensive course has from 3 to 7 classes per week. The teacher will provide daily tuition, quickly imparting the necessary knowledge to play the instrument. We prepare you for musical success and adapt to your personal needs, objectives and musical style.
Intensive courses are intended to run for a specific period of time. Upon completion, it is advisable to revert to a weekly class (individual or shared) to ensure that progress continues.

You can contact us without any obligation.

Online Shared Royal School of Music Classes

Royal School of Music Shared Online classes are designed specifically for adults and
children who enjoy a more sociable or supportive learning environment. This is often a great way to start learning a new instrument as the individuals benefit from being able to
share successes and frustrations.
The price of your class is also shared between participants, providing a very economical
option for music learners.
Your Royal School of Music teacher will kindly guide you to correctly learn to read
musical language, teach you to play scales and to play a mix of classical and modern
musical pieces. You will also learn to build chords if your instrument is polyphonic andeven compose your own music. You will learn the basics of music, improvisation and
playing as part of a group.

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