Tips for a learning a new instrument

Musical instruments make great Christmas presents. Rather than having given your child another screen, yet another mechanical device, or something that really isn’t going to last longer than the Christmas lunch, you have given them access to a new skill.
Music helps to support your child emotionally, it can be a great stress reliever, and it’s a fantastic way to meet new people and embrace new opportunities.
But what happens now?

aprender un nuevo instrumento

The first steps towards learning a new musical instrument can be daunting. And perhaps, not so much fun. If you start off on the wrong foot, it can cause a negativity that represses the initial enthusiasm. Children do need a little parental support at this early stage and we all need to understand that anything new requires patience. In return, your child will not only learn to play music, but have better coordination, a boosted self esteem, and maybe even more positive energy.

nuevo instrumento

  • Here are some basic tips that may help when learning a new instrument:

    Consider which genre of music you might be interested in. This is often closely linked with your choice of instrument. For example, guitar players lean towards rock and pop music. Whereas piano players are often more likely to practise jazz or classical music.
    Spend some time watching professionals playing the types of instrument/ genre that you are interested in. This can be greatly inspiring.
    Start by trying a simple melody or beat. For example, on the guitar you can google search “3 chord songs”. If you have drums, you could simply try to maintain a steady beat to your favourite song.
    Have fun! In the beginning, it is important to not take things too seriously. Your musical attempts may not sound great in the very beginning. But with the right attitude and a little dedication, you will learn quickly.
    Find a teacher that you are comfortable with. It’s important that you enjoy your lessons, if you are to progress. It is also highly recommended to start working with a teacher early on so that you don’t develop bad habits.
    Practise!! Just 5 minutes a day will make a big difference to how quickly you improve.

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