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Our teaching style is based on fun, but looking for a balance with all the knowledge the student needs to become a good guitarist. With a solid foundation in music theory that applies to guitar playing, our lessons guarantee you the most effective way to increase your skill level.

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Learn to play the guitar in a simple, fun way. Following conservatory patterns for Trinity College or ABRMS certificate preparation.

Children can start private lessons with the Royal School of Music from the age of 4 years old. Our goal is to get them to have fun from an early age playing songs accessible to their age, awakening their passion for music.

Guitar lessons for beginners

If you are a guitar beginner you will learn how to tune your instrument, the importance of good posture and then we will move on to learning guitar chords, reading musical notes, rhythm and even theory.

With the basics and our coaching you will learn to play your favourite songs in no time!

Guitar Lessons Intermediate Level

or guitarists who have been playing for a year or more and have an established technique, our acoustic and electric guitar courses are perfect, they will teach you advanced concepts to enhance your playing. Learn in depth chord construction, rhythms, arpeggio patterns, scales, teaching techniques and specialized genres (Classical, Jazz, Flamenco…) once you get used to barre chords you will be able to play almost any guitar chord you need for thousands of songs.

Guitar Lessons Advanced Level

Our teachers are professional musicians who will teach you all the techniques and chords in depth. If you have a clear idea of the genre you want to continue perfecting, we can help you to achieve it in an effective way.

We can follow the Trinity College or ABRSM programs to obtain the certificate.

The ABRSM or Trinity College is compulsory for any student wishing to obtain any advanced qualification in Music. We prepare our students for the certificate

  1. Develop a reasonable understanding of music when composing or analyzing;
  2. Begin to recognize the basic concepts of interpretation: dynamics, balance, tempo…
  3. Work on the skills to begin to deal reasonably with complex musical passages.

ABRSM curricula We have a 100% pass rate on these.

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